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Canada Clean Diesel is a privately owned corporation doing business throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada. This company has been in operation since September 1, 2009. Canada Clean Diesel has been at the leading edge of this complicated and confusing segment of the diesel engine service almost since the introduction of the DPF system.

CCDS is affiliated with an expanding group of professionals through our membership in the International Heat Transfer Association. This group meets on a regular basis to keep updated on the changing status of acceptable service procedures and expectations of the DPF service.

The CCDS Advantage

Our process of performing a thermal cycle on each and every filter gives CCDS the best opportunity to complete an extremely effective clean as well as minimize potential damage to the filter itself. Our passive pneumatic blow out system proves to be safer and less destructive than other units that utilize an impact based pulse system. The impact pulse system has been proven to damage the Ceramic filter.  There is a popular misconception in the marketplace regarding potential filter damage due to the baking of the filter in a kiln. The CCDS system simply replicates the on board factory re-generation process with better results. The temperatures achieved are very similar, ours is for a much longer cycle assuring better results. The idea that baking the filter will shorten its lifespan is also false, the filter is continually heated and cooled to extreme temperatures throughout its normal use.

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